Frequently Asked Questions

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts




1) What is organic?

USDA certification for organic is 95%, but at AILANI ORCHARDS the standard is 100%. We are chemical and pesticide free.

2) Why dehydrate? What is the difference between roasted and dehydrated macadamia?

Roasted macadamias are baked at high temperatures for only minutes. It is fast, but destroys many of the natural oils, such as omega 3, 6 and 9, that are beneficial to the human body, as well as much of the nutritional value of the nut. Dehydration is far slower taking about 4 to 5 days, at 105 degrees. This slow, low temperature process allows most of the healthy omegas, vitamins and minerals of the nut to be retained. The resulting organic dehydrated macadamia is a far tastier, healthier product, is still considered to be RAW, and will last in pantry storage conditions for up to six months.

3) Why does dark roast coffee have less caffeine?

The longer coffee beans are roasted, the less caffeine they contain because the heat actually cooks the caffeine, the natural oils, and the individual flavors, out of the bean. Contrary to popular belief, Dark Roasts have less caffeine and tend to all taste similar, which is why large coffee chain stores prefer to sell dark roast, so they can provide a consistent product. Here in coffee country, connoisseurs prefer to taste the individuality of the beans, assessed more clearly through the medium or light roasts.

4) Why does coffee give me a stomach ache and the jitters?

Most people think it’s the caffeine in the coffee that makes them jumpy and gives them a tummy ache. We have found that acid may actually be the culprit. Our Ka`u coffee is very low in acid and smooth in flavor due to our rich volcanic soil. Most people, including us, report that they can drink our coffee all day without getting the jitters or a tummy ache. If you have been afraid of coffee for this reason, try a little of ours!