The birth of ʻAiLani Orchards…

January, 2001, was a turning point for Barney and Elizabeth. Elizabeth, an internationally bestselling author, has written two books about the Inkas. Barney, a graduate in business had run his own Bay Area cleaning company for several years. Curiously, both had “Fruit Stand” in their blood. Elizabeth’s grandfather ran a Fruit Stand during the depression in Lowell, Massachusetts. Barney’s Grandparents owned (still there) a Fruit Stand next to their house in South Carolina . The couple was seeking a pristine environment in which to raise their sons Sammy, and Gabriel. Through a series of synchronistic events the family bid the San Francisco Bay area farewell and were led to the Big Island of Hawaii. It is in the southern most area of that island where the Frazier-Jenkins family found the perfect nest in which to raise their children in deep connection to Mother Nature. Beginning life as organic farmers also gave them a passion for nurturing the land and encouraging many people, near and far, to re-engage their relationship to Nature. Listening to their land led them, in 2002, to open their own Fruit Stand on Mamalahoa Hwy, between mile marker 67 and 68.