Our Coffee's Story

How does coffee get from red cherry to roasted bean?


First we pick it from the tree--during a 4 day window for perfect ripeness and cover with water to ferment for 12 hours

Next we pulp the fruit off to reveal...

It's a Fruit Seed of course...not a bean at all! Next the Fruit Seed must dry in the sun

After it dries (up to 4 weeks) we mill away the parchment to get Green Coffee that we roast.

Beyond Organic 100% Ka'u Supreme Honey Processed Coffee

Limited Edition: We hand pick our Beyond Organic Ka'u Supreme coffee directly from the orchards at 1700 feet elevation on the slopes of Mauna Loa at 'Ai Lani Orchards located in the ancient Hawaiian land division (called an ahupua'a) of Kiolaka'a at Pu'umak'a. Here our coffee grows in our perfect microclimate of deep soil and excellent rain while our trades keep us relatively VOG free so little acid settles into the soil....making a perfect environment to grow this delicious fruit seed. We harvest the coffee by hand and pulp it, then rather than ferment it to wash off the sweet fruit of the coffee cherry, we leave the sweetest part of the fruit on the seed as it dries. Drying to parchment takes much longer but provides the "bean" with the natural sweetness of the fruit mucilage--thus the term "honey processed." We then mill this special edition coffee and roast it to a perfect medium for maximum flavor, smoothness, and caffeine content. We think you'll find the resulting coffee quite remarkable. IN CAPPUCCINO FORM THIS COFFEE IS ALMOST A MOCHA WITHOUT ADDING THE CHOCOLATE! We can only produce 50-100 LBS of this magnificent coffee for sale every year. (We drink most of it!) Please order yours EARLY to avoid disappointment. It will not last!