Organic Dehydrated Macadamia Nuts 10 oz.

Organic Dehydrated Macadamia Nuts 10 oz.


10 oz. bag of dehydrated macadamia nuts

Our Island Famous Organic Dehydrated Macadamia Nuts are a true labor of love. It takes five days at 105° in a dehydrator to create them for you. By NOT roasting them (which takes 15 minutes and destroys the OMEGAS), the health benefits are preserved! Our dehydrated nuts contain a whopping 80% mono-saturated fat, with all the Omegas (3, 6, and 9), fiber, protein, calcium, potassium preserved at a higher level than roasted nuts. Studies even suggest that eating a handful of RAW or DEHYDRATED Macadamia nuts can lower cholesterol levels. Organic Dehydrated Macadamia serve your health and well-being by providing the antioxidants, phytochemical, vitamins and minerals to give you natural energy without any artificial preservatives or salt.

Enjoy Aloha! Mahalo.

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